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Mother in Chief
Mother in ChiefMother in Chief has extensive writing and reporting experience spanning many industries including finance, technology, politics, popular culture, and parenting. Her work has appeared in, CNET,, the New York Post, The Industry Standard, The Deal, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and Bay Area Parent Magazine.

Blending her editorial expertise with her zeal for motherhood, Mother in Chief's blog explores the balance between parenthood and career. Along the way, she takes issue with public figures and corporate America when parents--especially moms--are given few options when they want to pursue a family and a career. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two-year-old son.

Laid off Dad
Laid-off DadIn May 2003, on his way home from a week-long vacation, Not-Yet-Laid-Off Dad came across a discarded copy of Newsweek. He looked at the cover story, “She Works, He Doesn't” which featured testimony from pink-slipped fathers who had become full-time childcare providers and thought: “Looks pretty sweet to me.”

Three days later, his monolithic employer chopped the “Not-Yet” off his title.

He spent much of the next several months chasing his toddler around playgrounds (when the weather was cooperative) and bookstores (when it was not). And to help fill the hours of stress-induced insomnia, he started a blog. The layoff was long, demoralizing, and laden with stress and penury, but it also gave him 15 months of hands-on parenting that he’d never trade.

Currently biding his time between layoffs, LOD lives in New York City with his wife and two boys.