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Friday, March 10, 2006

Ah, LOD, you've assumed that all the evening duties are child-related, and that is an error. Who do you think is doing the cooking, the table-setting, and the after-dinner clean-up while Daddy plays trains, changes a diaper or two, and reads his cycling magazine while Toddler in Chief splashes around in the bath? My down-time is a break from child-rearing, not a break from domestic duties, or a sit-on-the-couch-eating-bon-bons break. Big difference. We are both still working until TIC is in bed.

And yes, this kind of teamwork is expected. We've both been working all day. And even though a drive to and from work isn't always a joy, it's alone time. And sure, running out of the office to grab lunch isn't always a leisurely jaunt or a relaxing respite from office politics, but it is a solo jaunt down the street, none the less. And it comes complete with a few whiffs of fresh air, without a stroller, a crying child, or a running nose in sight--or at least one that he's responsible for wiping (unless it's his own).

And yes, Father in Chief deserves some downtime to sit back and watch The Daily Show as much as the next hard-working-stiff. But his much-deserved downtime comes when we are both able to sit back with our feet up on the coffee table and enjoy the one-liners together. 

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