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Friday, March 03, 2006

Since it's Friday, and people are hopefully focusing on meaningful things, such as where and beside whom they will be tonight, I'm going to use this forum to confess a few things. As you may know, I am not, in the truest sense, a laid-off dad. Because I work. So I am gone most of the day while my wife, who is 1) subversive, 2) ardently feminist, and 3) easily bored, stays home with my sons.

Basically, my wife has done her best to "feminize" my boy. They bake cookies together, they dress up, and every so often she paints his toenails. He proudly says his favorite color is pink.

All of this might alarm me--if I didn't enjoy that sort of stuff myself. See, I am not a "man" in the true demographic sense. I can't stand cigars, and I can barely tolerate those who see them as some sort of Man Symbol. Laddie mags are for slavering idiots. Ditto for big cars (unless you've got a big family) and big boats (unless it's a sailboat) and big consumerism. About the only time you'll see AlphaLOD emerge is when my wife and children are imperiled. Like that time I had OneBert in the stroller and was grazed by bike messenger who ran a red light, and I chased him for a block and a half.

Gender stereotypes are bullsh*t, and people who have any fears about them need to lighten up. The only things I want to engender in my child is character and a strong sense of self. If he has to do that while wearing a dress, if that's who he is, he'll still always be welcome at my table.

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Don't ask me how I got here but I have really enjoyed reading these young opinions.

I have some 1970's ones.

My youngest son 1974, took tap and ballet (required). He loved the tap and tapped his way through the grocery on the way home every week. But he wasn't too sure about those ballet shoes.

He rolled my hair, massaged his Dad's feet when he wasn't cooking on his Easy Bake Oven.

When he wanted a blender and sewing machine his Dad said WHOA! So I did:) Except for the Jazzercise:)

We always attributed it to being with me so much since his older brother and Dad were out working (ranch).

It didn't affect his riding, roping, driving, heat checking, vaccinating, anything ability. It made him....nice. He was also a great clothes horse.

This kid turned out to be a winning team roper, and now has kaboodles of certificates in welding and makes a great living for his wife and two daughters.

And is such a great sensitive, compassionate, disciplined
Father we are all always laughing about it.

Posted by: opinionatedmetoo | Apr 15, 2006 1:27:14 AM

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