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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

As Father in Chief and I were reliving the bicycle incident after my Monday post, he seemed to be less upset about it than I was. Actually, he wasn't bothered by it at all. He's happy that Toddler in Chief didn't end up with the purple bike accessorized with a flower print and silver shimmery streamers off the handlebars. So I think LOD is right that dads are a little more concerned about the proper gender roles than moms. My thoughts are that no purple or pink color scheme or flower-printed pants are going to do any harm to our kid. And those things certainly aren't the gateway actions into homosexuality, like marijuana is said to be a gateway into heavier drugs. If TIC is gay, then it's already out of my hands. And no number of blue tractor-emblazoned shirts or lessons with wrenches and drills is going to make a bit of difference.

Kids are going to be interested in a lots of stuff--whether it's meant to be for girls or boys. They are going to try stuff out to see what fits them and then move on to other things when they decide a color or game isn't for them anymore. And just when we think we've figured them out, they will change again just to keep us on our toes.

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Just a LITTLE more concerned? At the superbowl party we went to, there was a six year old girl who kept dressing up a four year old boy in her playclothes, he showed up dressed as strawberry shortcake, a fairy princess, etc. Every single dad in the room was visibly uncomfortable and urged him to go change. It was just depressing, but I managed to not start ranting about it in front of their faces - gotta save something for the blog later, eh?

Both kids were having a blast, all in good fun.... and as LOD touched on in his post, it's depressing that it would be a *problem* if the kid were gay.

Posted by: Cynical Mom | Mar 3, 2006 1:14:37 AM

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