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Friday, March 10, 2006

MIC is right; I do feel lucky to have been so involved in my children's births, being a bigger part of their arrival has made me a bigger part of their lives. I'm lucky to have been home after I was laid off, because the shared experience of parenting helped me reassess my motivations and strengthen my marriage. I'm lucky I have a job that offers me a lot of time at home so that one boy can treat me like a trampoline while the other ties my shoes to the furniture. Good times.

The truth is now is a great time to be a father. Not only is the idea of a dad staying home with the kids much more accepted, but those who do have far more resources and networking at their disposal. Parenting can be a lonely business for anyone (especially when the kids are too small to go off on their own but too big to be moved without spectacular effort), but blogs have changed that.

Rebel Dad keeps a gimlet eye trained on perceptions of dads in the media, and his blogroll is full of SAHDs and GTWDs who defy the obnoxious TV stereotype that we're all a much of clueless lunkheads. The world is full of men who are just as committed and curious about parenting, and you ladies should do your part and marry only us. That way, the lunkheads who are unable to procreate will die off, taking the stereotype with them.

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Go dads! I agree, it's becoming more and more a lifestyle. My husband works from home on Minti, and I treasure the moments when my 19mth old races into the study (cum powerhouse office) and crashes straight into his dad for a cuddle and giggle anytime he wants to. I was inspired by this recent article about emotional intelligence, dads worlds are exposed to in parenting...
One of the great motivations for me in thinking up Minti, it mixed technology and parenting in one pot (and husband happily working from home, spends his breaks with our son, is there morning, most lunches, dinner, takes him off to the park when his finished working for later on at night and does his bath time!!!) I think our kids will GREATLY benefit from this wonderful trend towards more SAHDs or SWAHDs (Stay Working at Home Dads)

Posted by: Rachel Cook, Minti Co-Founder | Apr 20, 2006 8:27:21 AM

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I work full time and unfortunately I don't have the luxury to stay at home and spend as much time as I would like with my kids. Hopefully soon I may be able to start working from home with a bit of luck.

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