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Monday, February 27, 2006

When I was pregnant, we didn't know if Toddler in Chief was a he or a she. Without knowing his gender, we still ended up with a variety of gender-specific outfits. Considering the sheer volume of laundry that babies generate, he wore all of them. When people would say, "Oh, she's so cute," we'd just agree. Even now when he wears something that people consider questionable for his gender, I always say: "TIC is in touch with his feminine side."

TIC is a boy through and through, with his love of cars and trucks and trains and his lack of interest in dolls. However, he likes dress-up, a good tea party, and the pink plate. I don't want him to be told that he can like some things and some colors and shouldn't like other things and other colors because he's a boy. Even with all my open-mindedness, we had an incident before Christmas (which I regret) that involved a red bike and a purple bike. Because I'm determined to not repeat the incident, our house will continue to offer a variety of age-appropriate activities--regardless of what gender they were intended for.

Sadly, elementary school and peer pressure will likely squelch his imagination and interest in dress-up soon enough. In the meantime, he's welcome to strut around in my shoes and clunky necklaces all he likes. And if he picks out some pink pants, that's okay with me too.

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