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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I need to clarify two things: One, we very rarely poop-swirl. The great thing about the super-soft inner lining of these stuffer diapers is that solid (and even not-so-solid) waste just falls right off with little effort. So if you're out there thinking I spend my nights with my forearm in the commode, rest assured that I save it for much more important duties, like scrubbing toothpaste off the bathroom floor.

Two, I mentioned "ungainliness" not because it impairs development, but because it's a big motivation to potty-train. When OneBert was two we gave him lots of naked time, so he knew how much more aerodynamic it was not to have a big wad of hemp in your crotch. Kids won't potty-train until they want to, so we figured we'd get the best results by giving him a taste of the good life (and storing all our best rugs). For two years he's been diaper-free, which anyone can tell you is the ultimate money-saver.

Which brings me to to diaper services. They're fine, I suppose, but we don't use them because in Manhattan sending out your little bundles costs a big bundle. In addition, they won't clean our Super Stuffers; they work exclusively in prefolds and plain-old covers, which are so 20th-century.

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