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Friday, February 24, 2006

I think it's really interesting that we both cited being anti-circumcision as a reason to be against vasectomy. Both are unnecessary, as is tubal ligation. As much as I'd like a pass on being in charge of birth control, I'm grateful that there are less invasive ways to control our reproductive destinies. I want to leave our bodies as in tact as possible.

Plus, those surgery options are so, well, permanent. Even when we are done having kids, there something reassuring about being able to change our minds down the road, without having some maybe-but-we're-not-quite-sure-it's-reversible procedure in the way. However, I'm disappointed that birth control will fall back on me yet again. That's just because men don't really have any good options, outside of condoms, but those aren't fun for anyone involved. We need a viable male version of the Pill

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I agree. When we had baby #2 three months ago, doc asked me if I wanted my tubes tied (I had a scheduled c-section b/c I make big babies but have small birthin' hips!). That was way too permanent for me even though I am pretty sure that this baby factory is closed. I like to know that we still have the option...

Posted by: Wicked Stepmom | Feb 26, 2006 12:10:08 AM

I have been puzzling for several days over "anti-circumcision = anti-vasectomy". I just can't quite see how they are related. In the former, a fully functional (and important!) piece of a baby boy's body is removed without his knowledge or consent. In the latter, an adult consents to have two small bits of his insides removed so that he and his partner(s) can enjoy worry-free sex for the rest of their lives. The bits being removed are not noticeable to him or his partner(s) in any way and their loss does not diminish sexual function -- as a circumcision does.

I am lobbying hard for my DH to get "the snip" as I feel I've DONE MY PART in our reproductive life (years of BCP, followed by years of sympto-thermal charting, not to mention carrying and birthing [unmedicated thankyouverymuch] three perfect children). I don't want to have think about being fertile any more. I feel it's only fair for my DH to do this one leeetle thing. And while I am adamantly opposed to circumcision, I don't see how a vasectomy is a big deal.

Posted by: Margaret | Mar 1, 2006 1:05:09 PM

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