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Friday, February 24, 2006

MIC, I feel very close to you right now. We've reached a mutual agreement that a man's sac is his castle. So to speak.

It is also far clearer than ever that on the subject of all things reproductive, it's better to be the man. I know I couldn't endure nine months of carrying a baby to term, and I sure as hell can't picture walking through life with a bottle opener up my cervix.

That said, Jamie makes a great point about your FDA chart. The Billings and Creighton techniques are much more effective than that 25% number indicates. And the great thing about these natural, noninvasive, nonpharmaceutical techniques is that they've all been found to be just as useful to achieve pregnancy as to avoid it.

That chart also dates back to 1997, long before this book came out and popularized the Billings, Creighton, and sympto-thermal techniques, all of which my wife practices without the oh-so-annoying need to know what day it is. Basically, my wife is willing to inspect and monitor her lady parts so that no one has to cut up my man parts. Which is why I love her so very much. Almost as much as my man parts.

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