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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I don't know what suburb Laid-Off Dad used to live in, but I can say that mine isn't homogenous or boring. Perhaps that's because of our where our suburb is located--just 30 minutes from fabulous San Francisco. I'm sure I wouldn’t love my little town if it were hours from anything. But because we're so close to the city by train or car, we still feel very much connected to the city vibe--when we want it.

Toddler in Chief's playgroup is headed to the Zeum in Yerba Buena Gardens this Friday. And not long ago the group headed to touristy Pier 39 to observe the city's marine-life phenomenon, ride the carousel, and eat carnival fare. When we're feeling less adventurous, we head for whichever local park we know we'll have all to ourselves.

And until LOD mentioned it, I had totally forgotten about creepy, annoying, or demanding neighbors that often reside on the other side of the drywall when you are stacked around each other in apartments. Ack. At least now, the creepy neighbors are several feet away on the other side of the street. I know that suburb-dwellers also live in apartment buildings, but perhaps all the space outside the building makes up for the neighbor-politics inside the building.

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