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Monday, January 02, 2006

It's funny that we're talking about city life this week, because my wife and I currently are involved in negotiations with our childless downstairs neighbor, whose bedroom is right below my son's. She would like our three-year-old son to please stop running around until after 9am on weekends and holidays. And we're exploring every diplomatic way of saying, "You're kidding, right?"

I've mentioned before that I'm a born-again city person. Before we had kids, we loved Manhattan for all the energy and the diverse entertainments. Now, we love that there are two 24-hour drug stores within three blocks of our house, in case our baby wakes up with a butt-cream emergency. Either way, we've  always looked beyond the noise and the dirt in favor of all the fun and energy that the suburbs just can't match.

The suburbs were fine, but they were an absolute bore. They're too quiet, and too homogenous, and you have to go everywhere by car. So when it's time to relocate, the imperative is clear. We'll be looking for a free-standing structure within walking distance of a reliable transit system and a good public school. Piece of cake, right?

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We are soooo torn between urban and suburban. Want to live downtown we ever move (which has been 4 states and 8 cities within those). Once, only once, we achieved it, and it was bliss. Since then, we never can quite reckon with the higher taxes and lesser space. It's "hey, we can have 1200 sq feet and no yard for 200K in town, or 2700 sq. feet, big yard and closets for 200K 10 minutes from town". Oh well, we're parents. The practical seems to win. Homeschooling 3 children in that small'a space would make me drink more than I already do. And I might have to move from 2 to THREE antidepressants. Just saying.

Posted by: allison | Jan 5, 2006 3:16:31 PM

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