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Monday, January 02, 2006

We moved to the Burbs while we were childfree, but I'm grateful we are raising our family there. I love the city for date nights. But when I imagine raising a kid in the city, I have flashbacks to our city life filled with noise and traffic, no parking, few trees, and not being able to sit outside without lugging stuff blocks to the park.

I like my little town where I recognize people when I'm at the grocery store and at the park. I feel like I'm part of a community for the first time since I lived with my parents way back when. And there are heaps of kids in our town (probably outnumbering adults), which creates a very accessible family-friendly culture. There's music in the park every Friday during nice weather that doesn't require much advance planning: there's always parking and a spot on the grass not far from the stage. The weekly farmers market has music, balloons, and snacks for kids of all ages. Plus, we have hiking and biking trails, a lake, and a wildlife refuge just down the road from shopping and restaurants. And all of it is just minutes from our house.

Mostly I like being removed from the hustle and bustle of city living, so that we can hang back and watch the birds in the trees and the airplanes in the distance from our own little patch of grass. Plus, I know all that city stuff is there when we crave it, just like we know we can visit the snow in Tahoe when we need some sled-time.

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I have to agree that living in the burbs close to a great city is my preferred way of living with children. On balance, I'd say you get more out of life because you get the best of the burbs (which you can only get by living there, not visiting relatives as LOD mentions) AND you get to enjoy the city on your own terms.

It's nice that LOD has been able to make his city dwelling last so long (I have friends in Santa Monica that are doing apartment dwelling with THREE children, ages 2 to 8; they manage, but it's insane to me), but if you're ultimately moving to the burbs anyway and not staying in the city forever, even as your kids grow - are you REALLY a true city dweller? ;^)

Posted by: Barbara | Jan 7, 2006 10:07:18 PM

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