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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ah, toilet training. The holy grail of new parents. Changing diapers is almost a joy during those first few months, when all you contend with are little, odorless puddles of breastmilk poo. Then their first solid food poisons the well, and parents begin to know stink. Then, during a growth spurt, there is no excrement for days. Mama and Daddy fret as the little nibbler becomes a ticking time bomb, each day exponentially more fraught with tension. And then it happens, the inevitable detonation that erupts with such force that all neighboring fabrics are saturated, possibly during an elegant social occasion.

From that moment on, parents dream of when the Odyssey of Excrement will end, and they are compelled to pursue any avenue that might bring about this end as soon as possible.

For the most part, kids toilet train themselves when they’re good and ready, based on their individual makeup. But we decided the best way to speed the plow was to make the diaper lifestyle as uncomfortable as possible by using bulky cloth diapers, which are fine to sleep in but are a bitch for walking. I don’t know if it’s related, but our boy’s been out of diapers since he was 28 months old.

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I love the entire first paragraph! The first real sign of potty training happened on her second birthday, on accident. Since then, no diapers.

Posted by: Goldberry | Dec 12, 2005 7:23:40 PM

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