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Friday, November 11, 2005

Wha..? Wrong pair of pants? MIC, your system of logical connection is deliciously confounding. You do, however, make a good point about the emotional abuse of harsh words, which can be just as withering as a spank.

Semantics are important here, because "spanking" and "beating" are often wrongly interchanged. "Spanking" is a reasoned and last-ditch effort to establish a boundary of behavior with your child. "Beating" is either used as humorous hyperbole (by folks like the Cos, the pre-eminent father of his time, who liked to joke that his father "hit for distance"), or it refers to something far more nefarious and abusive. They're not the same thing.

Similarly, there's a big difference between approving of spanking in principle, and actually doing it.

Just about anybody with a graduate degree in anything officially recommends against spanking, and rightly so. If any official, secular body ever were to come out in support, hordes of mouth-breathing rage-aholics would interpret it as license to "smack their kids around." Perhaps if we got each of them one of these instead, their children would be a lot better off.

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