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Friday, October 21, 2005

That's just it--going out to do all we do isn't something Son1 is forced to do, it's something he asks to do. About the only thing he's required to attend is preschool, because we've sunk enough cash in that place to fund a couple of sweet high-def flat-screens. (And since little kids shouldn't watch TV, those screens should go in the teachers' lounge. Ha! Thought you got me on that one, didn't you?)

I am a city person. (Well, a born-again city person, since I grew up in the burbs.) And city people live in cities because we want to be around lots of cool, heterogeneous stuff. We can do a half a million things, all at a quarter to three. So when Son1 wakes up on Saturday morning and scampers into our bedroom, I want him to ask, "What can we do today?" instead of "What's on?"

All these activities also help us figure out what he likes. We signed him up for a soccer class at the Y, and he hated it. (In his defense, it did suck.) He went to a musicianship class, and he was crazy about it. So we went back. And if going out means just strapping on the bike helmet and exploring the neighborhood (usually at an uncomfortably brisk pace while I run/stagger behind, warning pedestrians), then that's fine, too.

The key is moderation. If a child is overprogrammed, there are some standard telltale signs. And if he exhibits any, we'll encourage him to slow down. We'll stare at the walls, if we have to. I'll at least get a little more rest out of it.

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I really miss Huey Lewis... thanks

Posted by: Beth | Oct 21, 2005 5:54:38 PM

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