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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You may have heard or hypothesized that women grow up just slightly faster than men do. You may have hazarded such a conjecture because women tend to discuss intimate body parts, and the maintenance thereof, more bluntly than men do. This is because women learn to take a clinical view of their reproductive systems in their early teens, while some men reach their early 30s unable to say "vagina" without tittering. Some can't even say "tittering" without tittering.

For me, becoming a father thrust me into a whole new lexicon of "perineums" and "placentas," and the sex talk became less juvenile when I saw what my wife's body can do. I guess that's why unmarried guys have no trouble bragging about sexual conquests while married fathers, once they discover the intimacy of childbirth, learn to shut the hell up.

Sadly, OhBaby's Opinionated Parenting is also about to shut the hell up, as this is the blog's final post. (I know what you're thinking ... another painful death on the Ides of March.) MIC and I had a great time volleying the parental shuttlecock over the past six months, and I know I learned a lot about how passionate and disparate people can be when it comes to caring for little baby humans.

You'll still be able to read us here and here, as well as at Blogfathers and wherever else someone will have us. You can also follow the Family-in-Chief's diary while TIC undergoes heart surgery; I'm sure they'd be grateful for your support.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck. We'll all need it.

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