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Monday, March 06, 2006

When I was a baby, my mother was in charge of every parenting duty--feeding, bathing, changing my diapers. I honestly don't know how she put up with it. My marriage works a little differently, and as soon as Father in Chief comes home from work, he's takes over. He's in charge of diaper duty, bathtime, storytime, and tucking TIC into bed. It's important together time for them and a fun diversion for FIC after being at work all day. Plus, after spending 10 hours a day with the kid, it's an important break for me.

Then there are the activities I don't feel like doing with Toddler in Chief. It's not that I think his dad should do certain things with him and that I should do certain things with him. It's just that there are activities that TIC should experience that I don't feel like experiencing. I call it selective parenting--I select the activities I want to do with my kid and then encourage FIC to do the other stuff with him on the weekends, like going to the aviation museum. There's also stuff around the house. FIC is an avid cyclist, for example, and TIC has a little bike with training wheels. TIC like to "ride" his bike and "fix" his bike with tools. He would like to do this every day, but I have no interest in tooling around with the bike or the tools. So this has become a special dad/son thing, which is good for everyone.

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I am very thankful my husband takes an active role in parenting. He is good about coming home and taking over when asked. It is very important for him to spend time with our 7 mo. old son and to give me a break as well. It totally makes me a better mommy to have time to myself to get reenergized and refreshed.

Posted by: EmilyRoseJewel | Mar 6, 2006 11:15:24 PM

I agree, MIC, and was advised by a more experienced mom to make sure that Dad knows how to do certain things better than mom, just as mom often knows some things better than dad. Mom does not need to be an expert at all things child. Once in a while I watch carefully while my husband does his bath giving ritual, not to judge him, but so that I can learn how it's done. I do it myself only when there is a business trip or guy's night out.

Posted by: Whitney | Mar 10, 2006 8:00:52 PM

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